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Ever wanted a freshly brewed coffee while cruising in your car? Imagine having a rare, 1959 dash-mounted coffee maker specifically designed for the Volkswagen Beetle at your fingertips.

This article dives into the historyrarity, and charm of this quirky, yet highly sought-after classic car accessory. Prepare for an exciting caffeinated journey down memory lane!

Key Takeaways

  • The dash-mounted coffee maker for Volkswagen is a rare and highly sought-after accessory designed specifically for the Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Manufactured by Hertella in the 1950s, this unique accessory exemplifies innovation and luxury in its time.
  • Due to its scarcity in today’s market, finding an authentic dash-mounted coffee maker is a challenge, making it a treasured collectible among Volkswagen enthusiasts.
  • This quirky accessory adds convenience and enjoyment to the driving experience, allowing owners to enjoy freshly brewed coffee while on the go.

What is the Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker for Volkswagen?

The dash-mounted coffee maker for Volkswagen is a unique and rare accessory that was designed to be installed in Volkswagen cars, particularly the Volkswagen Beetle.

A unique and rare accessory

Imagine the charm of brewing your morning espresso right from the comfort of your Volkswagen Beetle‘s dashboard. This isn’t a figment of imagination but a feature that was once a reality – the dash-mounted coffee maker.

Considered one of the rarest accessories ever associated with Volkswagen, it embodied both innovation and luxury in its time. Manufactured specifically for Volkswagen Beetles by Hertella back in the 1950s, this accessory is an epitome of creativity that set apart these iconic cars from their competition.

Today, it stands as an elusive collectible symbolizing not just a fascination for vintage car enthusiasts but also serving as a testament to how auto-industry wisdom holds multi-faceted elements such as functionality and novelty within its grasp.

Hard to find

The dash-mounted coffee maker or the Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine has an aura of exclusivity surrounding it, akin to a mythical creature in the world of vintage car accessories. Its scarcity in today’s market makes it one sought-after gem for both Volkswagen enthusiasts and java junkies alike.

This distinctive European car accessory ever made specifically for the Volkswagen Beetle is far from commonplace, elevating its allure for those in search of rare findings.

Unearthing this unique machine mounted on a Volkswagen dashboard is no effortless endeavor. Despite numerous tales floating around, authentic instances where the Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine was found attached in mint condition are scarcely documented; an owner in Serbia being amongst them – quite like finding a four-leaf clover! Such rarity not only amplifies its appeal manifold but sets these owners apart as privileged custodians of automotive history offering the novelty of brewing espresso while traveling.

The History and Popularity of the Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker

The dash-mounted coffee maker quickly gained popularity among Volkswagen enthusiasts, becoming a sought-after accessory for those who wanted to enjoy freshly brewed coffee on the go.

Capturing the curious minds of coffee aficionados and car enthusiasts alike, the dash-mounted coffee maker has made waves in various news articles and stories. Here are some of its highlights in media:

  1. Social media posts ignited interest in January 2022, spotlighting an image of a small coffee maker nestled on the dashboard of a Volkswagen Beetle.
  2. Drive, an Australian publication, reported that this unique accessory could be ordered to fit snugly inside a vintage 1950s Volkswagen Beetle.
  3. The Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine stole the limelight as being recognized as the world’s first and only known dashboard-mounted coffee maker.
  4. Intrigue bubbled over when a 1959 Beetle boasted a dash-mounted coffee machine in Germany that garnered attention online.
  5. Search queries such as “Volkswagen coffee maker 1959” and “hertella coffee machine Volkswagen” surged in popularity, mirroring increased interest in this quirky accessory.
  6. Paluxette joins Hertella on stage with another attention-grabbing piece tied to in-car brewing accessories.
  7. No stranger to recognition, this unique piece of Java machinery has become a treasured collectible due to its historical significance and rarity.

Sought after by Volkswagen enthusiasts

Volkswagen enthusiasts have a deep appreciation for the history and unique accessories that make these cars so iconic. That’s why the Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker has become such a sought-after item among Volkswagen fans.

With its rarity and historical significance, this accessory is highly coveted by those who want to add an extra touch of charm to their beloved Beetles. Owning one of these coffee makers not only brings convenience on the road but also allows enthusiasts to showcase their love for vintage Volkswagens in style.

The Experience of Owning a Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker

Owning a dash-mounted coffee maker is a unique and fun experience that adds convenience and enjoyment to your Volkswagen car.

Benefits and convenience

Having a dash-mounted coffee maker in your Volkswagen Beetle brings numerous benefits and adds convenience to your driving experience. Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply need a caffeine boost on the go, this rare accessory has got you covered. Here’s why having a dash-mounted coffee maker is the ultimate addition for Volkswagen enthusiasts:

  1. Freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere: With the dash-mounted coffee maker, you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while driving to work, on road trips, or during long commutes. No need to stop at cafes or settle for mediocre drive-thru options.
  2. Convenience at your fingertips: The coffee machine attaches directly to your VW Beetle’s dashboard, so it’s always within reach without cluttering up the limited interior space. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, and you’re ready to brew.
  3. Easy operation: Making your favorite cup of joe doesn’t get any simpler than this. Just fill the pot with water and add your preferred amount of coffee grounds. Plug it in, and the machine will take care of the rest. No complicated settings or buttons to worry about.
  4. Quick brewing time: The dash-mounted coffee maker is designed for efficiency, allowing you to savor a steaming hot cup of java in no time. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines or dealing with sluggish baristas.
  5. Nostalgia meets practicality: Owning this quirky accessory adds an extra layer of charm and nostalgia to your vintage Volkswagen Beetle experience. It’s not just a conversation starter; it’s also a unique feature that sets your car apart from the rest.
  6. Fits perfectly into your lifestyle: For busy individuals who are always on the go, having a dash-mounted coffee maker means never having to compromise on quality fuel for those early mornings or late-night drives.
  7. Ideal for long journeys: Going on road trips? The dash-mounted coffee maker ensures that you have a reliable source of caffeine to keep you alert during those long stretches on the highway. No more settling for questionable gas station coffee.
  8. A collector’s item like no other: Due to its rarity and historical significance, owning a dash-mounted coffee maker instantly turns your Volkswagen Beetle into a true collector’s item. It’s a piece of automotive history that will make fellow enthusiasts green with envy.

A quirky and fun addition to the Volkswagen car

One of the reasons why coffee lovers adore the dash-mounted coffee maker for Volkswagen is because it adds a quirky and fun touch to their beloved car. Imagine cruising down the road, taking in the scenery while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of joe from your dashboard.

It’s like having your own personal barista right in your car! This unique accessory not only provides convenience but also adds an element of charm and nostalgia to the Volkswagen experience.

It’s no wonder that this rare gem has become highly sought after by Volkswagen enthusiasts and collectors alike. So, if you’re a coffee lover who wants to take your love for java to new heights, this dash-mounted coffee maker is undoubtedly an accessory worth searching for.


In conclusion, the dash-mounted coffee maker for Volkswagen is a truly unique and rare accessory that holds a special place in automotive history. Its scarcity and desirability among Volkswagen enthusiasts make it likely the rarest Volkswagen accessory ever produced.

While owning one may be a challenge, those fortunate enough to have this quirky addition in their car can enjoy the convenience and luxury of brewing fresh coffee on the go. So, if you come across a Volkswagen with a dash-mounted coffee maker, consider yourself lucky to witness such an extraordinary piece of automotive craftsmanship.


1. Is the dash-mounted coffee maker a factory-made Volkswagen accessory?

No, the dash-mounted coffee maker is not a factory-made Volkswagen accessory. It is considered one of the rarest accessories because it was not officially produced or sold by Volkswagen.

2. How does the dash-mounted coffee maker work?

The specific details may vary depending on the model and design, but generally, the dash-mounted coffee maker connects to your car’s electrical system and uses hot water from the engine coolant to brew coffee. It typically includes a reservoir for water and a compartment for ground coffee.

3. What makes this accessory so rare?

This dash-mounted coffee maker is considered rare because only a limited number of units were ever produced or made available to Volkswagen owners. Due to its unique concept and limited production run, it has become highly sought after among collectors or enthusiasts.

4. Can I install a dash-mounted coffee maker in my Volkswagen?

While it may be possible to retrofit a similar accessory into your Volkswagen, it is important to note that modifying your vehicle’s interior can have potential implications for safety and functionality. Additionally, obtaining an authentic dash-mounted coffee maker may be extremely difficult due to its rarity in the market.

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